Helen Chung Lee is a Korean-American artist whose work combines photography and painting. She received her BA degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a double major in Film Studies and Photography. Also, she received her MFA degree in Art (Photography) from the University of Michigan. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries in Korea, China, Japan, Italy, and across the United States.


Artist Statement

When I create my art through photography, I am interested in capturing more than just what is visible through the lens. I want to uncover the hidden meanings and qualities of the subject. My work is about maximizing the creative power of the medium through my own interpretation of the visible world around me. When I put the camera to my eye it is a chance to hold in my hands the fleeting bonds expressed in that brief instant between subject, artist, medium, and light. I use both photographic and painting techniques to create abstract images quite different from the real images they represent. The purpose of my work is to show people that sometimes even insignificant objects which might be easily ignored by most people can be interpreted differently and recreated as new visions by a photographer.