A Dream towards a New World

Kim Sun-Ok (Ph. D in Aesthetics)


Postmodernism tries to get out of the essence, origin, and value considered as existing at the rear of phenomena and logical, rational, and analytical symbols based on the aforementioned against the metaphysical art tendency. It tries to recover sensitivity and intuition to take back the truth of existence considered as limping by the existent metaphysical logic and reason. This art tendency made it possible to add more meaning to the individual and entity than to the whole by highlighting psychological and physiological aspects along with the development of psychoanalysis. Entities are small and trivial things, but got out of a trifle and took back vitality as the microcosm.  


As mention by Helen Chung Lee, “we can have various dreams, even though small and trivial things that can not catch our eyes well,” we can see her postmodern art tendency. Her works actually fantastically expose color, pattern, and grain of trivial and insignificant things such as gnarl and the shell of abalone, which magnified and drew the nude in nature using photographs, a reproductive medium, primarily. In the place where we can meet it commonly, but miss it easily she presents a new world different from the defined world before.


In addition to this, her approach to small and trivial entities is out of the accomplished metaphysical, logical, and rational reasoning, and is sensuous and realistic. She has captured a part of nature that we have ignored as it is through steady artwork activities since 2007 and presented her images come across her mind associatively as fantastic images by adding minimal concreteness with acrylic paint to it. The artist’s series of works completed by doing this makes us taken into a new illusion world where emotion and scenery are fused.


Recently she does not graft pictorial technique on the photograph and shows artworks excluded artificial manipulation extremely such as ‘New Moon’, ‘Peppermint Mountain’, ‘A Goose’s Dream’, and ‘You & I’ by using only the original image. By minimizing artificial touch, she makes our sensitivity permeate into an infinite cosmic panorama, even though it is small and trivial gnarl or shell of an abalone. The artist intervenes minimally in this state, and the intervention is done by reflecting images that the artist’s image is given over cosmetic image that individual object gives off. This is intervened as a keyword of artwork mostly. By doing this, the images that extracted principal and auxiliary fused have the meaning that can newly harmonize the infinite cosmic fantasy and human lyricism. These series of artworks are considered done by her longing for the new postmodern world, intending to look for the truth of existence, getting out of the metaphysical civilization system.


This exhibition also shows artworks pursuing randomized, emotional, and innocent accordance, which excluded artificial presentation of small and trivial things as much as possible. She does not design meetings with the individual object and communication with artwork beforehand. It’s because she has the sensuous, intuitive, and emotional approaching attitude towards the truth of existence, as it is like a ship on the course not decided and making for the open sea. This starts from her pure yearning for meeting and responding to the new world through new sensitivity in the new age.